London Kinesiology Courses

London Kinesiology Courses

Kinesiology Foundation Course

The Kinesiology Foundation Course is a progressive introduction to Systematic Kinesiology, which is suitable for beginners and also for those that wish to integrate it with other therapies.

Who the Foundation Course is for

The Foundation course is open to all. It is designed to give you a progressive introduction to Systematic Kinesiology whether you have prior knowledge or experience in health care or not. We are all beginning a new subject. If you are an administrator, reflexologist, doctor, accountant, retailer or home keeper you will learn Systematic Kinesiology from the beginning.

The Foundation course is perfect for those that would like to benefit from Systematic Kinesiology for themselves, friends, their clients or family.

If you are already qualified in another field of health care the Foundation course certificate enables you to add Systematic Kinesiology to your current skill set, become insured and charge for your sessions.

The classes provide safe and powerful techniques that you will be able to incorporate into your life immediately without the need for extended periods of training.

*** Special offer for Foundation Weekday Courses & Foundation Weekend Courses
(£220 Reduction) ***

What is included in your Foundation course training

  • 84 class hours of training with your tutors
  • 1 textbook and 2 nutritional testing kits
  • 1 magnet
  • 1 laser pen
  • Complimentary membership to our Systematic Kinesiology Online Community

Our Foundation classes offer thorough training in muscle testing and over sixty safe techniques. The professional training course has over 200 powerful tools to gain results of the highest standard. All our courses have been developed, honed, constantly improved, updated and upgraded over the last 30 years.

Based on specially written textbooks and manuals which make learning enjoyable and simple, they include only reproducible techniques clinically tested by physicians.

Blanka's foundation course includes a huge Metabolics test kit, you will get three free boxes of supplement vials when you enrol, these are the only Kinesiology courses in the UK where you will learn to use Metabolics Vials with muscle testing.

Learning Material and Certification

The classes combine explanation, demonstration and practical work. You will receive a full-colour, illustrated TASK Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Course Manual on day one. It clearly shows the basics of muscle testing and many simple yet easily applied techniques that are brought alive for you throughout the course. This is not just course material, you will use this valuable resource for years to come as a reference and support as you build your knowledge.

You are encouraged to practice in between the Levels and to write up your practice notes to create 12 case studies that will support you in receiving your Certificate. We find that even students who are completing the course for themselves also benefit hugely from doing the homework.

Syllabus: Please go here to read what you will learn in each Level.


The Foundation Certificate is issued to all those that complete the required 12 case studies and have attended all 6 Levels in order. This certificate enables you to continue your training and apply for TASK’s Practitioner Course to become a qualified registered Systematic Kinesiologist and practice for a professional fee.

If you are qualified in another health modality the Foundation Course Certificate enables you to become insured and practice the Systematic Kinesiology you have learnt.

*** Special offer for Foundation Weekday Courses & Foundation Weekend Courses
(£220 Reduction) ***

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Foundation Weekday Courses

Weekday October 2024 - 184 days to book

Starts:Tuesday 22nd October 2024
Ends:Tuesday 1st April 2025
Tutor:Blanka Perse - MA, Dip ION, TASK Dip
120 Heath Street

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