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Foundation Course Syllabus

TASK syllabus is unique. It was created by Brian H Butler and Dr. Sheldon Deal over twenty years, without whom we certainly would not have the syllabus we have today.

TASK are the only Academy teaching Systematic Kinesiology and they pride themselves in having a team of professional advisors supporting to constantly update the TASK syllabus.

Level One

Learn to accurately muscle test – Help for physical/mental fatigue and alertness
Muscle Testing is a language – The amazing assessment tool
Emotional Stress Release – Emotional turmoil evaporates
Muscle Testing of eight muscles – Learn to test the digestive tract first
Find energy drains – Learn how to fix them
The Whole Person approach – Truly Holistic Health care
X-Crawl for co-ordination – Improve brain power and memory
Psoas/Backache – Water can help backache too
Preview of supplementary tests – Find out about your deficiencies
Diaphragmatic Breathing – Helps give you more energy
Meridian Energies – Tunes up your energies
Meridian Flushing – Revitalises meridian energy flow

Level Two

Food Sensitivity Testing – Find foods best eaten or avoided
Nutritional Testing – Find vitamin and mineral needs
Pulse Synchronisation – Helps to remove compensations
Sartorius for Stress – Adrenal support and deal much better with stress
Lifestyle problems -How to detect and correct
Seven new Muscle Tests – To access and help other areas
Neuro-vascular points – Enhances blood flow/circulation to organs
Neuro-lymphatic points – Enhance lymph flow to specific muscles
Meridian Wheel Balance – Restores energy balance
Complete Body/Energy Balancing – You will now have the 15 muscle balance (full treatment)
Walking Gait Energy Balancing – Walk easily with improved co-ordination
How long do corrections last? – 6 relevant factors/answers to the question
Figure of Eight energies – Balance part of the aura energies

Level Three

Kinesiology for Prevention – How to use Kinesiology preventively
Six new Muscle Tests – Use muscles for specific problems (ie neck pain)
Electrical Switching – Unscrambles confused energies
Wrist pulses to read excess energy – Understanding over energy (pain is over energy)
Pain Dispersal with ESR – Relieve pain naturally
Emotional Tissue Memory Scanning – Relieve old emotional scars
Priority finger mode – For lasting corrections
Breast Congestion Technique – Relieves breast lumps and pain
Food testing – Learn how to test foods against specific areas of the body
Options on treatments – Many ways to look at problems

Level Four

Holistic Balancing Overview – How to balance in wholeness
Balancing workshops in the mode – Makes Balancing more effective
Bi-lateral Piriformis weakness – How to help sciatic back pain, hips and the jaw
Bi-lateral Hamstring weakness/Sacral Rock – Help relieve lumbar pain
Bi-lateral Psoas weakness – Can correct neck problems
Anything can correct anything – Making the hologram work for us
Fix it in motion – Powerful additional balancing skills
Left/Right Brain integration – Enjoy being more alert and flexible
Relieving Muscle Cramps – Quick way to relieve cramp pain
Lazy Eights & Writing – Improves creativity and writing
Dehydration Test – Pure water is vital to health
Visual Inhibition – See better, easier and clearer
Reading Issues/blocks – Resolve them and read better
Ears as aerials for hearing energy – Retain more of what you hear
Surrogate Testing – Helps babies and those unable to be tested
Self-Talk and Self-Esteem – How to work on and raise self-esteem
Balanced Affirmations – Make affirmations work better and quickly
Protein Test – Check for protein deficiency/assimilation
Mineral Test – Check for correct mineral levels
Pause-Lock – Learn how to lock a weakness into the body for testing
Hypertonic Muscle test – Lock in to be able to test

Level Five

RSI – (repetitive strain injury) Wrist balance with new wrist muscles tests
More shoulder muscles on the stomach meridian
Hormonal muscles – menstruation problems, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility and for men testes and prostate
Ankle/Achilles heel/tendon balance – This area is highly susceptible to stress and the tendon can snap if adrenals are over stressed and not supported
Illiacus – Muscle for ICV (Ileocecal Valve) Your first introduction to the ICV
Immune Muscles – More on the Spleen meridian
Fears and Phobias – Dispel most fears/phobias in minutes
Finger Modes – Learn how to find where root causes lie

Level Six

Riddlers Reflex Points – For HCL and Food enzymes. Digestive aids
Gall Bladder and Liver muscles Knee Balance – Reviewing the muscles you know and adding more in
Thymus Gland and Immune – self esteem – new muscle and Thymus tapping
Lung Balance – More lung muscles and for shoulders
Lower Back/Bowel Issues – Lopsided/twisted. New Large Intestine muscle
Bladder Balance – Many people have bladder issues. Infections are common also cystitis- frequent urination or feeling that you want to urinate all the time, weak bladder and waking in the night to urinate. Stress incontinence. Interruption of flow, frequent small amounts of urine. New Bladder muscles.
Seven Factors of the IVF – Greater understanding of the body
Cloacal reflexes – First energies to form at conception, very deep and powerful. Grounding and calming, great way to start or end a session

Consolidation of the Foundations – Putting all the information together
A glimpse of the Practitioner Course – NEW horizons for Balanced Health

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