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Kinesiology student testimonials from my Foundation course that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years

Blanka is an inspiring and natural teacher. It has been a fun and informative 4 months. Thank you very much for the course you have taught us. You are a great teacher and we were lucky to have you.

Amanda Hughes - Homeopath, Twickenham.

Blanka is a fantastic tutor. As soon as I met her she made me feel so welcome in her class. When she teaches, she explains everything very clearly and answers our questions. I am very happy I had Blanka as a tutor, I have learnt so much and she has made me love kinesiology more than I thought I would!

Emily Peach - Beauty therapist, Loughton.

I have loved Blanka’s kinesiology classes. Fantastic demonstration and instruction of how to test the muscles and relevant treatment. Inspiring knowledge of nutrition and it’s application to kinesiology. Lots and lots of fun. Thanks so much.

Elizabeth Xerri - Accupuncturist, London.

There aren’t many people you meet in life that will inspire and influence your thinking and personal way of being. Blanka for me has been one of them. An amazing teacher, incredibly knowledgeable, always there to help, caring, full of energy, fun!

Marzia Caldirola - Senior designer, Twickenham.

Blanka is a fantastic teacher. She shows genuine care for others. So far I have enjoyed the course content very much I did not realise how much I was actually learning. The techniques I have learnt have taught me to live better and stay better. Blanka is creative, unique and makes learning fun in a relaxed environment. She has inspired me to learn more and achieve much more. Thank you very much Blanka!

Natasha Gordon - Indian Head Masseuse & NCT Antenatal Practitioner, London.

I want to say Massive Thank You for teaching us, in a fun but effective way of learning. We are so lucky to have you as our lecturer. I feel privileged to have been your student.

Myrna Horton - Beauty and holistic therapist, Dorset.

I have been a student of Blanka’s for the last four months and it has been fantastic. Blanka is the type of teacher that is so giving in her knowledge which to me shows the very essense of what a teacher is all about. She has so much knowledge that it is mind blowing and she creates a wonderful atmosphere for her students to work in. The classes were really informative, inspiring and fun which only makes you want to work harder. I will miss being in Blanka’s class. She has inspired me to want to be a really good Kinesiologist.

Anise Carrani - Holistic therapist, Northolt.

I feel very lucky to have been a part of Blanka’s Kinesiology Foundation course. Blanka has an enthusiastic approach to teaching which I feel has helped me to absorb the course content without feeling overwhelmed or disengaged. She is extremely knowledgable, not just in kinesiology but also in nutrition – I wish I could just download this knowledge “Matrix” style. I’m grateful to Blanka for the encouragement and feedback that has built up my confidence in this subject.

Simon Lawton - IT consultant, aspiring kinesiologist.

Blanka’s enthusiasm and knowledge of Kinesiology are infectious. She takes you from a place of intrigue and wonder as you join the foundation course, guiding you through the weird and wonderful world of muscle testing, all the time passing on the desire to want to know and learn more. Thank you.

Simon Tyrrell - Property Management Company Director, Wantage.

When I enrolled on the foundation course I had no idea I was going to make Kinesiology my new way of life. It has transformed my life in many ways. I am much more confident, less stressed and more willing to take care of my health and other’s. It helped me open doors I never imagined existed e.g. new circle of friends, new fields of studies, clarity in my life, better living standards and much more. Blanka is a true inspiration. She has helped me with every step I took on the course. I am where I am because she believed in me. I look up to her as she is an EXPERT in her field. I dearly miss her. I would catch the moon for her!!

Bilkiss Mughal - School teacher and student therapist, London.

Blanka is absolutely amazing, positive, passionate and extremely knowledgeable. Her passion for kinesiology is contagious!! She was an excellent tutor for all this reasons but also because she is genuinely a very good person and has very good interpersonal skills. I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone!!

Audrey Archambault - Nutrition & Health Coach, London.

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